Dreamland Series Resonance FM 9pm Weds repeated Sundays at 7am

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Our new Dreamland series continues  every Weds at 9pm until the 6th May on Resonance FM Click on the names to read the full details:

25/03/15 — All Eco by Louise Harris

01/04/15 — Et In Dystopia Ego by Arturas Bumšteinas

08/04/15 — Out Of Thin Air: Radio Art Essay #1 by Colin Black

15/04/15 — Down The Royal Road by Carlo Patrão

22/04/15 — Two Sleeps by Anna Friz

29/04/15 — Dreamlands by Olivia Humphreys

06/05/15 — Medway Flow by The People Speak

Dreamlands at Borealis Festival Bergan and Radiophrenia CCA Gallery Glasgow


A selection of our Dreamlands Commissioned radio works are airing

11-15th March at the Borealis Festival Radio Bergan Norway


New Dreamlands Premiering on Resonance104.4fm


A ten week series of Dreamlands commissions broadcast on Wednesdays at 9pm, on London’s Art station Resonance104.4fm, beginning on the 4th March 2015.

04/03/15 — Characterized by GX Jupitter-Larsen

11/03/15 — Morse Code Choir by Iris Garrelfs

18/03/15 — Muffled Cyphers by Langham Research Centre

25/03/15 — All Eco by Louise Harris

01/04/15 — Et In Dystopia Ego by Arturas Bumšteinas

08/04/15 — Out Of Thin Air: Radio Art Essay #1 by Colin Black

15/04/15 — Down The Royal Road by Carlo Patrão

22/04/15 — Two Sleeps by Anna Friz

29/04/15 — Dreamlands by Olivia Humphreys

06/05/15 — Medway Flow by The People Speak

After which, they will be streamed here on the Radio Arts Radio Gallery.


We are streaming Gregory Whitehead Crazy Horse One Eight

Collateral Murder Crazy horseCollateral Murder Crazy horse

Click on the Gallery to hear Crazy Horse One Eight produced by Gregory Whitehead to learn more about the artist and this important new work for radio. This was our first Radio Arts Dreamland Commission and each month we will feature a  newly commissioned work for radio.

Dreamland series starts 4th March Weds 9pm Resonance FM

 ’Dreamlands’ is a series of new works for radio commissioned by Radio Arts;

Hear them weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm on Londons Art station Resonance FM London from March 4th, we start the 10 week series with

‘Characterized’  produced by GX Jupitter-Larsen:


“In the dreamscape circumstances such as location, purpose, or gender can be ever morphing elements. The same however can not be said of one’s principles. In the dreamscape one’s motives might change, but the fundamental convictions behind those self-contradictory actions can never alter. The voices in this dream begin their journey as fragments scattered amidst the radio waves. These fragments slowly unfold into a stream of consciousness, till the end of this introspection, when the listener arises to the opportunity of fully understanding just what is actually being said. And, most importantly, by who. Does a dream of making the world a better place ever come close to a reality? Or, is struggle, be it either social or physical, our only real proof of waking hours?”


Dreamlands Commissions are supported by Arts Council England and Kent County Council.

Radio Art Issue Setup4 Magazine



A Radio Art issue of Setup4 magazine run by WESERBURG Museum of Arts Centre for Artists’ Publications and Bremen Universities, features an article from a Magz Hall from Radio Arts view it at





Radio Arts at the Tate Britian

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