Langham Research Centre

LRC medium format - cln

Muffled Cyphers is an audio-visual performance composed by members of the Langham Research Centre and is based on the writings of J G Ballard, particularly his novel The Atrocity Exhibition written in 1970. The piece is divided into seven movements some of which contain several ‘moments’. Sonic and visual images within Ballard’s texts inspired each of these moments. Exact descriptions of sounds, locations and actions, as well as ideas, feelings and dialogue became the starting point for composition. Ballard’s narrative is often non-linear and the way time passes in his work can be pliable and elastic: sometimes expanded, sometimes compressed, sometimes infinite. Muffled Cyphers does not attempt to illustrate or represent these features of Ballard’s work but rather to set up a kind of creative resonance that chimes with his dislocated sense of time and place and his extraordinary imagination.

Duration: 00:27:18