Events 2005 – 2012

Babble Station
2nd, 9th and 16th September

magz_babble_1204 (1)

Commercial Break, Lone Broadcast and Numbers

13th – 18th July


Radio Mind

2nd – 5th September 2011


Reinventing The Dial: Explorations In Experimental Radio Practice

27th October 2009

A day long radio symposium at Canterbury Christ Church University Kent UK

Speakers: Dr Andy Birtwistle – Dr Angus Carlyle – Andy Cartwright – Peter Cusack – Lance Dann – Dr Kersten Glandien – Kaffe Matthews – Tom McCarthy

Convened by Magz Hall

Circle of Sound Exhibition

3rd – 5th May


Circle of Sound focused on Recycled sound: bringing togetherfound sounds, sonic artefacts and reworked and re-contextualised art works. The exhibition simultaneously celebrated the fleeting and fragmentary affects of sound while exploring the unfolding processes of signification within a sonic culture that has for too long been subservient to visual-centred art discourse.

Featuring: Jim Backhouse – Telepalepatelepalepalepathy; Disinformation – Theophany + Rorschach Audio; Iris Garrelfs – Dumplinks; Sharon Gal and Moshi Honen – The Solipsist; Magz Hall – Brighton Rocks; Kaffe Matthews – Red chair; Tracey Moberly (nee Sanders-Wood) – Francis Theakston (1933); Jason Synnott – Hearing Aid Radio; Dan Wilson – Phase Violations Upon Boxful of Disappointment; DJ Wrongspeed – ‘I love you’

Curated by Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse

Artists Biogs and Photos of event found at:


PRAM, Germlin, Bohman Brothers, Xylitol


You Are Hear, Resonance FM Fundraiser