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Magz Hall talks Radio Arts on ABC Soundproof

Radio Yaks: A Soundproof series in which eminent producers and sonic luminaries from around the world share audio they’re crazy about, and tell us why. Magz Hall is a sound and radio artist, teacher, and co-founder of Radio Arts. Her … Continue Reading

Radio Art Interview with Magz Hall with Radio Survivor Magazine

Radio Art and New Media in Radio Studies: An Interview with Magz Hall – Pt. by Brian Fauteux on January 15, 2016 in Radio Scholarship, Radio Survivor Academic Series “In the first part of this two-part interview, Dr. Hall explains … Continue Reading

Radio Arts at the Tate Britian

Free radiophonic live event at the Beaney

News of our exciting Free live event coming up on May 9th

Reclaim The Waves

  We will be running a series of workshops at the Tate Britian from 21st Feb for Westminster residents, culminating in a participatory radio installation.