Arturas Bumšteinas

This radiophonic piece was inspired by the post-apocalyptic animated movie that author saw in childhood on TV. It left him a long lasting impression and he is looking for it since. During the search on the internet author of this piece has discovered various weblog posts of other people from all around the world who are also looking for probably the same and/or some very similar pos-apocalyptic cartoons. With the help of his friends the author has attempted to create an imaginary soundscape of this faded dystopian memory.

Voices in the order of appearance: Daniel Muzyczuk, Monika Lipchitz, Matthew John Shannon, Gabrielė & Gailė Griciūtės, Rogelio Sosa, Lucile Taylor, Hubert Napiorski, Elynor Freyss, Jurij Dobriakov, Jos Smolders and Arturas Bumšteinas.

Duration: 00:24:42