Anna Friz


Gaston Bachelard writes of the transformational potential of dreams and reverie. Dreams and psychic phenomena are marked by verticality, by rising and falling, as life cannot be lived horizontally. Bachelard posits an aerial imagination, with the potential for rising, ascent, and sublimation. The inevitable fall tends toward water, the subsequent ascent back into air, again and again.

I often have recurring dreams, where the scenography differs but the phenomena repeat: huge tidal waves pouring over a mountain, whales rising up in cavernous pools underground, or an experience of flying which is most like doing the breaststroke in the air. The logic of dreams is immune to paradox, and effortlessly warps one scene into another. Two Sleeps offers two elements, air and water, and my nocturnal efforts at verticality, falling and rising.

Recorded in Toronto, Berlin, Ljubljana, Jerusalem, Gdansk, Vienna, and Seydisfjördur. Composed by Anna Friz at Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music in Seydisfjördur, East Iceland.

Duration: 00:26:27