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Artist and co-founder of Radio Arts, Magz Hall works predominantly with radio, exploring its potential outside of conventional settings. Using radio installations, broadcasts and public actions Hall seeks to consider alternative futures for the analogue FM radio spectrum.
Her latest project is for Unbinding The Book, she is creating a transmitting  ‘book-radio’, which will transmit the words contained into an eternal loop. It cannot be conventionally read, rather the listener must tune to the right frequency in order to access it’s content. The text itself will be ‘Spiritual Radio’, initially published in 1925. This text sets out cleric and radio enthusiast Archbishop F.H. du Vernet’s vision of the nascent technology as a spiritually-charged electrical force capable of mediating human sensibilities and the transcendent will of God in a text that is by turns visionary and often absurd in the bathetic disjuncture between spiritual promise and quotidian reality. The book will be exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery between 26 and 28 September , as part of the London Art Book Fair.

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