Lookout to Sea Free events in June

Friday 13th June is a chance to hear the our human fog Horn as part of a FREE event 7-12pm to mark the opening of  The Fuse Festival at http://www.lv21.co.uk/event-calendar-2/flare/   and on the 14th June we will also be recording and playing the Foghorn on the High Street of Medway as part of FUSE.

Come help us build a foghorn to air our Medway Peoples Horn for the FUSE Festival as we look back Radio Arts time at the LV21 join us Sat 7th June 9-5pm at the Light Vessel Medway. Its also a chance to learn Morse Code and solder with Colin Turner the ships Radio operator details here there’s a lot going on a chance to meet us and talk about our radio art projects.



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