Dreamlands Broadcasts


‘Dreamlands’ Commissioned Artists: Joaquim Cofreces (Argentina) Michael McHugh (UK) Gregory Whitehead (USA) can be heard on:

Dream-Land, written in 1844, is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s more obscure and enigmatic poems, and encourages a wide range of interpretations. It tells the story of a journey, moving through landscapes of oceans, valleys, caves, and forests, and beyond the borders of space and time. Argentinian producer, Joaquin Cófreces,takes Poe’s poem as a point of departure and creates his own radio workDreamland. Dreamland uses text from Poe’s Dream-Land, which is read by women from fifteen different places in the world. The work moves through real places and imaginary sound ambiences, allowing the listener to create their own tale and their own experience of the original poem and radio art work. Hear it online via Sound Proof on ABC Australia




Resonance 104.4 FM London is broadcasting 3 of the dreamlands commissions on on the 23rd of July 8pm Gregory Whitehead  Crazy Horse One Eight and Joaquin Cofreces, Dreamlands. Michael McHugh and the Noise Choir can be heard on Resonance 29th July 8pm. Look at our Commission page for more details.


radio papeseRadio Papesse in Italy will be broadcasting Dreamlands works on:

25th June Gregory Whitehead  4pm GMT,

26th June Joaquin Cofreces 4pm GMT 

27th June Michael McHugh  4pm GMT


soundart radio



Sound Art Radio who will be airing the Dreamlands

works Sunday 29th June 3-5pm





 Michael McHugh The Dream Scientist piece aired 30th July at 5pm/ 10pm/ Tues 8am, and Crazy Horse one Eight at the same times 7th August.

Joaquin Cofreces   Dreamlands will be aired 23rd June on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM Brighton at 5pm and 10pm and on the 24th 8am  or hear it streamed at  http://www.radioreverb.com/



Hear Dreamlands Commissions on WGXC in the  USA  6-8 US Eastern time thats – 11-1 GMT on July 12th. Full information on Dreamlands artists and these new radio art works  are found on our commissions page.

Look under commissions page for full details of the new works -More broadcasts to follow watch this space

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