Magz Hall talking at Tate Modern 27th Feb 7pm


Magz Hall is part in a series of intimate listening seminars with selected artists at Tate Modern. “Playback Room” considers studio music as a distinctive art form and its recorded version as the pinnacle of many musicians’ production.

Magz is playing a selection of music and recordings by female artists that have been an important source of inspiration to my work and life. This will be a great chance to reflect and share my musical  background, in a bespoke listening space set up by artist  Wolfgang Tillmans as part of his current show at Tate modern.” This series of intimate listening seminars invites a range of artists to share and discuss their own selection of music and recordings that have been an important source of inspiration to their work and lives

Led by music and culture critic Laura Snapes, this event includes an out-of-hours opportunity to explore the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition.

Following 30 minutes of selected music our artists lead an hour-long conversation, all taking place within this major exhibition showcasing Wolfgang Tillmans’ expanded practice.

Wolfgang Tillmans’ Playback Room is a space conceived by the artist specifically for listening to recorded music. While museums are dedicated to the contemplation of works of visual art and concert halls allow us to experience live music, no comparable venues exist where visitors can listen to music in its optimum sound quality.

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Profound Sound Festival Folkestone

Dreamspace Sun 5 Feb, Midday & 2pm

Quarterhouse Auditorium Folkestone

Radio Arts Magz Hall collaborates with interactive visual digital artists Genetic Moo’s Aeroplankton (2014). Microscopic airborne protozoa called Radiolaria Aeoliae, display intricate mineral skeletons which act as receivers of radio signals.

Genetic Moo have developed a series of interactive audio-visual installations since 2008. Choreographed video clips respond in a variety of life-like ways to user motion and touch. The works are driven using open source software and webcams and can be easily adapted to different locations. They are interested in combining artworks together so that they interact with the audience, the space, and also each other.

genetic moo airoplankton

Dreamlands on RadioCona:WolFMoon FM

Exhibition and events 12 th –19 th January 2017 FM 88.8MHz, radioCona and on location. RadioCona will start on Thursday 12th January,on the occasion of the full moon, named wolf moon and will tune in at twilight for eight nights in a Srow. Every evening at 18:20, at the time when day turns into night.

The broadcast will focus on dreamscapes and the slipping between the conscious and unconscious states, coming and going from wakefulness to abandon, laying on the liminal zones of consciousness, or interrogating cognitive processes – from dream narratives to the unheard sounds of the sleeping bodies, from streams of consciousness to exploring listening as a psychoanalytical tool. Other parts of the broadcast will investigate sound ecologies, environmental and remote listening, and will focus on nocturnal perceptions. Following one of these two thematic lines, the FM exhibition will include a series of new commissioned works curated by radioCona, a programme from Dreamlands curated by Radio Arts, and a selection from The Remote Series curated by Anna Friz.

CONA programmes are supported by the Department for Culture at the Municipality of Ljubljana.

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Magz Hall Jerwood exhibition 2nd Nov – 11th Dec

Magz Hall is part of the Jerwood Forest Open show currently happening at the Jerwood Arts Gallery London, where she has built a radiophonic inspired dreamspace. Here is clip of a short film about the project along with other artists in the show.

Jerwood Open Forest from Jerwood Charitable Foundation on Vimeo.

Magz Hall talks Radio Arts on ABC Soundproof

Radio Yaks: A Soundproof series in which eminent producers and sonic luminaries from around the world share audio they’re crazy about, and tell us why.

Magz Hall is a sound and radio artist, teacher, and co-founder of Radio Arts. Her work explores the artistic potential of radio and it’s use beyond conventional settings. Taking as her point of departure a hypothetical future characterised by vacant airwaves, Magz Hall’s work re-imagine’s radio’s utopian potential.For Radio Yak, she chooses five pieces that variously explore psychic life and reflect on conscious and unconscious human experience.

Listen to her sonic selection at this link

Soundproof have also aired several of our past commissions: CRAZY HORSE ONE EIGHT:Gregory Whitehead, Characterized: GX Jupitter-Larsen (US) and Plunge, Flip, Bump and Score: Esther Johnson hear them via our Radio Arts Gallery or via ABC.


Whispering Trees


Magz Hall has been short listed for Jerwood Open Forest alongside visual artists Rebecca BeinartKeith HarrisonDavid Rickard and David Turley to research and develop her Whispering Trees project across England’s Public Forest Estate. This research will culminate in a group exhibition in November at Jerwood Space, London.

Magz  is currently developing an interactive trail of radio transmissions through the forest, playfully enabling trees to whisper to each other, and re-engaging with a sense of technological enchantment so intrinsic to the early radio experiments that make up part of her research interests.

The new project develops from Tree Radio which she worked on at a residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year. Read more about the project on her blog and on the Jerwood blog


Cambersands Soundcamp

camber sands
Radio Arts will be at Camber Sands running a sound camp as part of Soundcamp  29th April – 1st May with a focus on skill sharing.
Magz Hall will run a transmitter workshop on the beach and a 24 hour live stream from this stunning part of the south east coast.
A large section of the western end of the dunes lie within the Camber Sands and Rye Saltings Site of Special Scientic Interest  (SSSI) and a  designated a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.
Yes we are streaming the dawn from the eco heaven that is Cambersands Kent, find out our streaming link via
Lat 50.9327° N
Long 0.7960° E
Sunrise 5:32 AM
Sunset 8:16 PM

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